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Air pollution impacts on people’s health especially those with heart or respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Air pollution alerts will appear on this page (and the map page) when air pollution levels in West Sussex increase to a moderate level or above.

The alerts provide information which can help respiratory sensitive people make choices on what they do, where they choose to go or if they need to take medication with them.

Alerts will be issued on the day before moderate levels are forecast and will detail:

  • level of concern  - low, moderate or high 
  • type of pollution  - NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), PM10 (particles/dust), O3 (ozone)
  • where the pollution is of most concern (e.g. roadside, non-roadside, rural, urban)
  •   when the forecast is relevant (i.e. day, date or over the weekend)

The alerts are provided by the Sussex Air Quality Partnership, working with health professionals to help improve the lives of those who are affected by air pollution.

For more informaion or to register for alerts by text, voicemail or email visit

Currently there are no air quality alerts!

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