Incident information


Only schools, nursery schools or pre-schools that have confirmed to us that the whole school or specific classes will be closed are listed.

If your child attends an Academy or Free School, then you need to check the school's website for details of any closures.

  • Using the 'A-Z' list (appears after 20 closures), any closed/partially closed schools or nursery schools will appear coloured blue. If the letter is greyed out, then none are currently listed in that section. The 'Search' box can be used to search by school name or location. Please use either of these methods to search school closures.

Please note - This page does not automatically refresh. Please click on the Refresh button or press F5 to view the latest information.

Important: We are aware our school closures map can run slowly during busy periods. We recommend you also check your school's website for information about closures.

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No school closures found.

Last updated Mon, 03 Jun 2019 15:21