How to use this site

This site provides incident information for West Sussex. Please click on one of the links below for more information on:


School closures help

The school closures tab shows a list of the schools in West Sussex, their current status, and information about any incidents that may be affecting them.

School closures search entry box

Search the table for schools which contain specific text by entering the text in the search box and clicking search.

Reset button  Refresh button

The reset button will remove any search text and school filters and display all affected schools. The refresh button will refresh the table while preserving the current filter settings.

Alphabet selection

If 20 or more schools are closed then please select a letter to view schools which begin with that letter.

School closure map link

Click on an icon in the table to see the closed school on the map.

School closures table sorting

Sort information in the table by clicking on the column heading. Reverse the order by clicking on the heading again.