How to use this site

This site provides incident information for West Sussex. Please click on one of the links below for more information on:



The Map shows the location of all currently active incidents, school closures and building closures. The map key shows the available icons.

Directional Arrows

To navigate around the map, click and drag with the left mouse button. Alternatively use the directional arrow controls.

Zoom slider

Use the slider control to adjust the zoom level. Alternatively, use the scroll wheel on the mouse or double-click with the left mouse button to zoom in and double-click with the right mouse button to zoom out.


Quickly navigate to selected locations using the Area drop-down list on the map.

Flooding on/off  Fallen trees on/off  Snow on/off  Ice on/off 
Other incidents on/off  School closures on/off  Building closures on/off  Affected area on/off
Gritting route on/off

Incident icons can be toggled on and off the map using the appropriate buttons, selecting and deselecting as necessary.

Tooltip information window

Position the mouse cursor over an icon to see summary information.

Popup information window

Click on an icon for more detailed information.

All on  All off

All icons can be turned on or off using the 'All On' and 'All Off' buttons


Reset the map back to it's default settings using the 'Reset' button.


Refresh the information on the map using the 'Refresh' button.